About Us

Developing unique homes in the South West!

At Poppy Developments we only pick the most unique projects and locations, so that the final result is very special…

Having many years of experience and won multiple awards, we know that barn conversions can be challenging due to planning restrictions, environmental regulations, wildlife protection legislation and many other issues that often occur during a conversion. This is why we only use highly experienced industry professionals & craftsmen who have equal experience in working with old and listed buildings. This knowledge is invaluable and ensures a smooth build at the hands of people who care.

To us there is great merit in looking to the past to create something new. Across the South West there is an abundance of formerly majestic buildings which are crying out to be converted into luxury homes – and we are the right company to do it, and do it well.

By utilising appropriate techniques, considered craftsmanship and carefully sourced materials, we seek to capture the true essence of a building and transform it into contemporary modern living. Retaining the structure’s character and integrity whilst incorporating the functionality and comfort required in today’s high-end homes is a real challenge and we strive to overcome these challenges through careful consideration and expertise.

We restore homes as though they are our own and that is what sets Poppy Developments apart from the rest.