Environment – Ecology

Looking at a sustainable future

As stocks of oil, coal, gas and water diminish we need to find ways of using less energy and making the most of our natural resources. At Poppy Developments we are committed to sustainably using the natural resources available to us through the use of Green technology. From installing highly efficient boilers, solar panels, ground and air source heat pumps. We strive to make our developments as green as possible.

We source as many materials as we can from local companies, ensuring that as much as possible is recycled and recyclable as well as working with partners who share our sustainability values. We also ensure that we upcycle within the development process, re-purposing all original materials within the project.

We also believe in preserving local wildlife and before starting any development we ensure that a full ecology report has been compiled. These look at if our work will affect the birds, bats, owls and other wildlife in the surrounding environment. If there is even the smallest compromise we will go the extra mile to ensure our projects will not only support but also encourage the local eco-system. We take steps such as installing bat roosts, owl boxes and bird sanctuaries in all our developments.